Our Services

With compassionate care, So Cal Premium Hospice Care will provide a personalized plan of care with transparency and patient focused approach. Our experienced staff compromised of doctors, nurses, medical social workers, CHHA’s, & chaplains. With on call staff readily available on weekends or overnights to our patients.

The hospice team communicates with the patients physician and our hospice physician to discuss medical history, current physical symptoms, goals of care, preferences for end-of-life care and life expectancy.
The hospice team considers all input—from the patient, family, caregiver(s), physicians and the medical evaluation—to develop every patient’s plan of care. The plan is reviewed on a weekly basis with team meetings and revised based on the patient’s condition. Best of all, the patient and family are at the center of the hospice team. Our team looks to you to share important information so they can provide the best possible care.

How to pay and qualify for hospice?

If you’re in need of hospice care, you might be qualified for our services with ZERO money down. We work with all and most insurance providers in the US. Eligibility for hospice care must be determined by a physician who deems the patient’s life expectancy to be 6 – 12 months or less if the terminal illness runs its normal course. Services are available 24/7, with admissions in just 2 hours.
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